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Hope for Tomorrow Concert

Lyle Hadlock will be in concert December 6th at the Nuskin Innovation Center, 75 W Center Street in Provo, Utah.

If you are a woodworking craftsman, you can donate a Hope Chest that will be on display and will be sold at a silent auction the night of the concert. Visit the Build for Hope Facebook group for further information.

If you would like to be part of the concert choir, send Lyle a message.

Proceeds will benefit the Food & Care Coalition who serves the homeless and low-income people of Utah Valley.

Tickets: To purchase tickets visit

Fliers: Original Flier  Press Release .

Visit Lyle on Facebook

Songs for The Sabbath
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Take Time to Be Holy
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Try to Be Like Him
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An Ebony & Ivory Christmas
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There Is A Green Hill Far Away
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We Ever Pray For Thee
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In Good, Take Delight
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